So, Zola Jesus Talked About The Zola Story

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Chances are you’ve heard about “The Zola Story” by now. Written by Aziah King, the Twitter narrative tells the story of two strippers who go to Florida for the weekend, only to get wrapped up in deception, mistreatment, violence and much more. It’s suspenseful, funny and engaging in a way to where you hope King reconsiders a second career in creative writing. As this Twitter user accurately described the piece:

Anyways, a lot of people across the internet have a lot to say about this piece — including Nika Roza Danilova, otherwise known as Zola Jesus. Surely, Danilova must’ve found it strange that the first half of her stage name was trending all over Twitter, and the fine folks over at The FADER reached out to her, to find out her thoughts on the whole thing.

“Respect to the saga of trap Zola. As juicy as it is, that story is unfortunately very real for many women who are working without regulations in the sex work industry. If anything, I hope it sheds some light on the importance of sex workers’ rights. At least Zola has a sense of humor about it.”

Hopefully it did. At the very least, it got Ava DuVernay’s attention.

(Via Stereogum)