Bad Bunny Honors Kobe Bryant With ‘6 Rings,’ A New Song Reflecting On His Legacy

Kobe Bryant’s untimely death made international headlines, which goes to show how impactful he was and continues to be, both as an athlete and as a person. Bryant’s passing was on the same day as the Grammys, and since the ceremony was hosted at the Staples Center (where the Los Angeles Lakers play their home games), Bryant was and continues to be on the minds of those in the music community. Musicians have paid tribute to Bryant, and now Bad Bunny has released a new song in honor of the NBA legend, “6 Rings.”

The song begins with broadcast audio from Bryant’s famous 81-point game before Bad Bunny begins his ode. On the track, he explains that the song title is a reference to his five NBA championship rings and his wedding ring: “Congratulations, you also won 6 rings / Five in the NBA, a marriage that gave you your daughters / Thinking that one left with you makes me lose control / but nah, it’s for you to have someone play with in Heaven.”

Elsewhere on the song, Bunny talks about the influence Bryant had on him, saying, “I still remember the first game of yours I witnessed / the excitement and the many times you got me on my feet / You showed me that everything in life is done with passion / To win, you have to have a heart.”

Bunny was one of many musicians who took to social media and paid homage to Bryant after his death. Bunny wrote on Instagram (translated to English via Google), “I would never have imagined that this would hurt me so much! I still remember the first time I saw a basketball game, at age 7 with my dad, and it was a game of this genius, and from that day on he became my favorite player x100 !! I have never mentioned it because it does not necessarily have to do with music, but this man has been an inspiration in many ways for me to be what I am today. RIP GOAT !!! Rest in peace!!!! Thank you for inspiring me so much! Thanks for so many emotions !!! I feel so sad!!! It was a legend! Together with a beautiful creature and promise of basketball as was your daughter Gianna WOW! It breaks my soul to know that very soon I was going to meet you and share with you! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Listen to “6 Rings” above.