Charli XCX Releases Four New Songs On The Deluxe Edition Of ‘Crash’

Last week, Charli XCX dropped her latest album, the pop-forward Crash. Now she’s already back with even more new music thanks to the deluxe edition of the album that dropped today. This expanded version of the albums adds four songs: “Selfish Girl,” “How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now,” “Sorry If I Hurt You,” and “What You Think About Me.”

She teased the new songs yesterday with a website featuring a vault, which invited fans to enter three-digit codes to listen to previews of the songs. Also noteworthy is the new cover art for the deluxe edition, which is similar to the photo from the original album but features Charli in a slightly different post, a white bikini instead of black, and more blood on her face.

In a Rolling Stone UK interview, Charli noted Crash was initially going to be named after “Sorry If I Hurt You,” saying, “This album was originally going to be called Sorry If I Hurt You and I liked that title because that sentence is both past, present, and future. You can say that sentence to someone as if you hurt them in the past or as if you’re going to hurt them or if you’re about to do it right there and then.”

Stream the deluxe edition of “Crash” below.

Crash is out now via Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.