Charli XCX Has A Thought On Women’s Bodies And Misogyny Following Criticism Of Her And Taylor Swift’s Album Covers

Part of being a famous person is knowing that at any given moment, somewhere on the internet, there’s probably somebody trying to knock you down a peg. It’s usually best to not respond to those sorts of things. Charli XCX, though, decided to engage with one such example to make a good point.

On X (formerly Twitter) yesterday (March 13), a user wrote, “art directors must be on strike. dear god…” Accompanying the post was a composite image of four album covers: Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department, Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism, Ariana Grande’s Eternal Sunshine, and Charli’s Brat.

Charli’s initial response to this today was to share the tweet and write, “there is literally so much to say on this….” She then followed up in another tweet, writing, “i think the constant demand for access to women’s bodies and faces in our album artwork is [misogynistic] and boring.”

Charli’s Brat cover art is certainly a departure from that of her preceding album, 2022’s Crash: While the Crash art features a photo of Charli wearing a bikini and posing on the hood of a car, the Brat cover is simply plain black text on an unadorned green background. Speaking of Crash, Charli recently said she “needed to switch after Crash,” and indeed, Brat is so far proving to be a different beast, as the less-pop-more-club single “Von Dutch” indicates.

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