CNCO Opens Up About The Departure Of Joel Pimentel In The Disney+ Documentary ‘Los Últimos Cinco Días’

CNCO is letting its fans into the band’s final days as a quintet. Yesterday (October 25), the Latin boy band released the Disney+ documentary Los Últimos Cinco Días where the remaining members talked about the departure of their bandmate Joel Pimentel.

In 2015, CNCO was formed on the reality TV competition La Banda with the help of Ricky Martin. Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Zabdiel De Jesús, Christopher Vélez, and Pimentel were put in the group together. The guys went on to become one of the best-selling Latin acts of the past decade. In May 2021, Pimentel shocked fans when he announced that he was leaving the group. A few days later, CNCO performed its last show together as a quintet.

Camacho, Colón, De Jesús, and Vélez have carried on with CNCO as a quartet. Over a year since Pimentel’s departure, they are now releasing footage of their final concert with him as part of Los Últimos Cinco Días, or “The Last Five Days” in English. The documentary shows the band’s preparation that went into the show and all five original members discuss Pimentel’s plans to exit CNCO.

“I think this is literally the first time that I’m talking about this,” Colón says in the trailer. Pimentel’s voice can be heard saying, “I’m definitely going have four more brothers for the rest of my life.”

In August, CNCO released XOXO, the band’s first album as a quartet. The LP featured Mexican pop star Kenia Os and Colombian singer Beéle. CNCO will also be starring in the upcoming Disney+ scripted series 4Ever. Last October, Pimentel launched his solo career as Joel Deleōn with his single “La Culpa.”