Boza Releases His New EP And A ‘Qué Prefieres?’ Video Featuring Beéle

Rising Panamanian singer Boza travels to Medellín, Colombia with Beéle in their music video for “Qué Prefieres?” The song is a part of Boza’s EP bundle of the same name that was released today (September 23).

Boza has become of Panama’s biggest stars. In 2020, he released his breakthrough hit “Hecha Pa’ Mi,” which has amassed over 484 million streams on Spotify. A year later, Boza dropped “Ella,” which added another 304 million streams to his count. Considering that reggaeton music has roots in Panama that are often overlooked, Boza is proud to see his music hitting around the world.

“It’s an honor for me to represent my country, and I’m proud to have the opportunity to do so. It inspires me to continue taking my music to all corners of the world,” Boza told Uproxx.

Boza is keeping the momentum going with his EP bundle Qué Prefieres?. On the sultry title track, he regrouped with Colombian singer Beéle. Both artists take turns singing about getting caught up in romances that have mixed signals. The music video was filmed in the Colombian city of Medellín where Boza and Beéle’s complicated relationships play out.

“Beéle is a good friend and an incredible musician and artist. We’ve always had great chemistry together, and when we work things just flow. He’s always supported me throughout my career, and it was time that we came back together to produce another gem. I’m thankful for his support,” Boza said.

The EP also includes the new songs “Talismán” and “Pa’ Que Tú Me Vea.” The former flows like a hip-hop freestyle while the latter sees Boza embraces elements of Afrobeats, showing there’s no limits to his artistry. “Each of the tracks have a different message and a different sound, however, they mesh perfectly together,” he said.

Qué Prefieres? is out now via Sony Music Latin. Listen to it here.