Jokes About Dolly Parton Funding A Coronavirus Vaccine Are Exactly What The Internet Is For

Ok, so the year is 2020 and Dolly Parton is responsible for funding a vaccine for a deadly disease that the sitting American president has all but ignored. Strange sci-fi short story plot or real life? Who in the hell would choose the latter if given that sentence any time before March of this year? Yet here we are, that’s all true. Parton’s well-known benevolence has apparently drifted into the medical world, and a lot of us have Dolly to thank for that.

But the situation is just strange and surreal enough, and everyone stuck at home during the pandemic are just bored enough, that the internet is really showing out when it comes to jokes and commentary about the matter. They’ve had me cackling all day, so I’m collecting a few of the best here to entertain you.

Joining in the fray are the likes of Steve Martin:

This extremely viral “Jolene” joke:

Then there’s more specific jokes you have to be a real Dolly fan to get, like this one:

Which is, of course, referencing this classic Dolly moment:

A little joke about the vaccine’s 95% effective rate and the Parton classic film, 9 To 5

Some virologist humor:

My personal favorite, a way to possible get through to the anti-vaxxers among us:

Now, if Dolly could just get to work on restoring democracy, we’ll be all set.