Ed Sheeran Plans To Take A Long Break From Touring After His Record-Breaking ‘Divide’ Tour

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On Monday, Ed Sheeran played the final date of his Divide tour, a tour he has been on for quite some time now: The first show from the tour was in March 2017, and Sheeran has performed regularly since then. Understandably, Sheeran plans on taking a break now that he has wrapped up this trek, and it looks like it’s going to be a lengthy and deserved rest for him.

On stage at Ipswich, England’s Chantry Park, Sheeran addressed the audience:

“There is something very bittersweet about it. I love that you guys are here and we are ending it in Ipswich. This is my last gig for probably 18 months. I was told before I came on that now at the end of this tour I’ve played to nine million people around the world. It is the biggest tour ever. It’s been an emotional day for a lot of people backstage. It kind of feels like, in a weird way, that you’re breaking up with a girlfriend that you’ve been with for years. It sounds odd but it has been a long tour.”

This break will leave time for Sheeran to reflect on what an amazing and historic achievement the tour really was: Earlier this month, the Divide tour became the highest-grossing tour of all time.

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