Ed Sheeran Is ‘Pretty Sure’ That Courteney Cox Sings On His New Album

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox have been good friends for years now, and it turns out the pair may have actually collaborated on music together. Although Sheeran doesn’t seem totally sure about where things stand on that front, he seems fairly confident that Cox does provide background vocals on his upcoming album, =.

During a red carpet interview with ET‘s Rachel Smith at the VMAs, Smith noted Sheeran’s friendship with Cox and wondered if the pair would ever make music together. Sheeran responded, “Yeah, easily. She sings… I’m pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album. I think she’s on ‘Visiting Hours.’ If not, she was definitely on ÷ somewhere.”

When pressed for more, Sheeran explained, “Well, my producer and songwriter, Johnny [McDaid], is dating her. Me and Johnny write most… we wrote ‘Shape of You’ together, we wrote ‘Bad Habits’ together. We work together a lot.”

Smith, in awe, asked if Cox really can be heard in the background of the track, and Sheeran responded with uncertainty, but leaning more towards yes than no: “I think so. I think.. she’s on… yeah. I think she is.” Smith then called herself gullible, but Sheeran insisted he wasn’t trying to fool her, saying, “No no, I think she is.”

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