Gordo Discussed Working On Drake’s ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ Album And His ‘Hombres Y Mujeres’ Video Featuring Feid

Having co-produced nearly half of Drake‘s Honestly, Nevermind album, Gordo is having a breakthrough year. The Guatemalan-American hit-maker is now working to bring more Latin talent into the EDM scene. On Friday (November 18), Gordo released the party-fueled video for his collaboration “Hombres y Mujeres” featuring Colombian singer Feid.

Gordo’s career in EDM spans over a decade. He received a big boost this past year when Drake tapped him to work on his first dance and house music album, Honestly, Nevermind. Gordo co-produced six tracks on the Canadian superstar’s LP, including the hits “Massive,” “Sticky,” and “Currents.”

“It was the biggest I’ve ever done,” Gordo told Uproxx. “Everyone loves Drake, but the fact that he doesn’t come from this world and he acknowledged that it. That he can make timeless house records. He really understands it and he really respects it. He got the best people and created this thing. He went out there and actually reached out to the right people.”

Before working together, Gordo had been friends with Drake for many years. Drake was inspired to include Gordo on Honestly, Nevermind after they listened the producer’s upcoming album together in the car while “lit.” With his LP, Gordo wants to include more Latinos like himself in the EDM scene. For his feel-good banger “Hombres y Mujeres,” he teamed up with Feid.

“It’s about time,” Gordo said. “With house music being so big right now, everywhere you’re listening, they’re playing it. With reggaeton being so big, that gap between the two genres hadn’t been fully bridged. Spanish tech house is really big and the majority of big records are all made by a bunch of white guys. It was time that we took it back home and actually made something that’s going to be the biggest one of them all.”

Backed by Gordo’s haunting house beats, Feid sings in Spanish about living his best life in the club. Feid shouts out his hometown Medellín, Colombia in the mix. Gordo also co-produced Nicki Minaj’s 2022 FIFA World Cup anthem “Tukoh Taka” featuring Maluma and Myriam Fares. He promises there will be more Latin acts featured on his new album.

“What I want people to take away the most from the Feid song is that I did it and I’m Hispanic,” Gordo says. “Feid’s Hispanic. Now I know there’s going to be so many more Hispanic artists that have hit me up already and I want them to reach out. I want everyone to find their Gordo. There’s so many of us. There’s so much talent, so why not keep it all in the family?”