Hayley Kiyoko’s Self-Directed ‘Chance’ Video Is A ‘Hopeful Queer Story’ Co-Starring Alexandra Shipp

Hayley Kiyoko recently returned with the poignant song about self-reliance, “Found My Friends,” and tonight the queer pop star (also affectionately known to fans as “Lesbian Jesus”) is kicking off pride month with another new track. As opposed to her initial new track, “Chance” is about not being true to yourself and hiding from how you really feel.

“‘Chance’ is a song based on those moments when I denied my true feelings for someone out of fear of rejection, and therefore didn’t allow someone to take a chance on me,” Kiyoko said of the track. “I hope this song empowers people to push past their own self-doubt and realize how worthy they are of love.”

She also self-directed the video for the track, co-starring Alexandra Shipp. “I’m always starved for hopeful queer stories onscreen, and I really wanted to direct a narrative that focused on the happier ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship, to show what can happen if we take a chance on ourselves and have that love reciprocated,” she said of the visual.

“The video is meant to portray those first few weeks, months, or even years when you are utterly head over heels in love with each other. I directed the video on 16mm film, alongside an incredible team of badass women — from the director of photography to the editor, and the producers. I am so grateful for the entire crew who helped bring this vision to life as well as to our incredible lead actress, Alexandra Shipp. I hope ‘Chance’ sparks the hope that anyone can and will find the love they deserve.”

Like most of us, Kiyoko’s life was on hold last year during the pandemic, so the influx of new music makes sense. But unlike plenty of other musicians, who were working on new music or resting while touring and performing was impossible, Kiyoko was able to launch another creative project — perfume. Her scent “Hue” is a gender-inclusive fragrance, and she compared the process of making the scent to her experience with songwriting.

Clearly, now she’s back in musical mode, and with not one but two new songs coming so close together, it seems like a new album or EP is very likely in the works.

Watch the “Chance” video above.