Holly Humberstone Set The Release Date For ‘Paint My Bedroom Black,’ Her Debut Album And The ‘Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made’

Holly Humberstone’s Can You Afford To Lose Me? extended collection arrived last October, and this October is shaping up to be even more special for the UK singer-songwriter.

On Thursday, June 29, Humberstone announced that her debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black, is due out on October 13.

“My debut album Paint My Bedroom Black will be yours October 13th [black heart emoji],” she captioned an Instagram post that reveals the album’s cover art. “[Producer/songwriter Rob Milton] & I poured our hearts into this album, it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever made and I literally can’t wait another second for you guys to hear it. Available to preorder now through the link in my bio [black heart emoji] I love you and I can’t fucking wait for October [four crying emojis].”

The album announcement was preceded by two single releases, “Antichrist” and Room Service.” The album itself is preceded by EPs Falling Asleep At The Wheel (2020) and The Walls Are Way Too Thin (2021). Humberstone spent the first portion of 2022 opening on tour for Olivia Rodrigo, and she’s scheduled to deliver a headlining performance at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on August 11.

“This album is an exploration of the two sides of myself that coexist,” Humberstone said in a statement. “One side, the introvert who wants to board the windows up and shut the world out, writing about wanting to escape my surroundings and the confusion of life on the road last year. The other side of me, the extrovert, writing about a budding relationship, deep connections and love.”

She continued, “I spent most of last year on the road, and although I kept busy and enjoyed touring for the most part, I found myself retreating back to empty hotel rooms in foreign cities every night while watching my life at home carry on without me through my phone screen. Late at night, I felt the panic of being left behind the most. Yearning for home, I never felt like I was totally present wherever I was in the world. It all felt like some weird dream; like a fake existence that I was alone in. The only way I knew to find clarity was to write.”

Check out the Paint My Bedroom Black cover art and tracklist below.

Holly Humberstone Paint My Bedroom Black album art
Courtesy of Darkroom/Geffen/Polydor Records

1. “Paint My Bedroom Black”
2. “Into Your Room”
3. “Cocoon”
4. “Kissing In Swimming Pools”
5. “Ghost Me”
6. “Antichrist”
7. “Lauren”
8. “Baby Blues”
9. “Flatlining”
10. “Elvis Impersonators”
11. “Girl”
12. “Room Service”

Paint My Bedroom Black is out 10/13 via Darkroom/Geffen/Polydor Records. Find out more information here.