Jerrod Carmichael Tries To ‘Self-Truman Show’ Himself In The Trailer For His New ‘Reality Show’

Jerrod Carmichael has been busy. In the wake of his hit special Rathaniel, the comic has hosted the Golden Globes, where he managed to almost (but not) piss off Rihanna, and appear opposite Emma Stone in Poor Things. He’s also found time to make a reality show about his life, and based on the new trailer it looks like a mix of yuks and emotion.

Carmichael’s reality show is called, simply, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, and it finds him, as he puts it, trying to “self-Truman Show” himself, i.e., make sure cameras are catching his 24/7. So what does Carmichael get up to? For one thing he has a boyfriend, having come out with the release of Rathaniel. He’s also spending time with his parents, who are very religious and, well, are struggling a bit with their son’s newish sexual identity.

At one point in the trailer, Carmichael’s mom prays for God to “take the desire from my son to be with a male.” She then tells him she loves him, which leaves an unresponsive Carmichael awkwardly smiling. The trailer ends with him rattling off some gay terminology to his dad: bears, twinks, twonks, etc.

You can watch the trailer for Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show in the video above. New episodes start airing weekly starting March 29 on HBO at 11pm.