Kacey Musgraves And Boy Smells Teamed Up To Launch The Singer’s Earthy ‘Deeper Well’ Signature Candle

To announce her forthcoming album, Kacey Musgraves stripped down to her birthday suit in nature. Now, she’s using the connection to the earth as inspiration for her latest creative venture. As a body of work, Deeper Well is described as Musgraves’ return to her roots. Now, thanks to her collaboration with Boy Smells, fans can experience that through their latest signature candle.

The scent, named after Musgraves’ upcoming body of worth, contains top notes of saffron, eucalyptus, and raspberry and middle notes of beetroot, lavender, clary sage, and mushroom. The overlapping base note pulls in the singer’s goal of earthy elements, including amber, oakmoss, patchouli, iso-e super, and agarwood.

In a statement, Musgraves spoke about her mission when crafting the candle. “It’s airy but grounded,” she said. “Sky and dirt. Foreign but home. The divine feminine. The peaceful masculine. An examination of what you make room for. What fills your soul? A hug from someone you’ve missed. It’s the growing roots in your garden, a symbol of your ruthless reaching for something better. ‘Deeper Well’ is being brave enough to leave the shallow in search of wiser waters.”

Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Deeper Well’ candle retails for $56 and is currently available for purchase on the singer’s website as well as Boy Smells. Find more information here.

Deeper Well is out 3/15 via Interscope/MCA Nashville. Find more information here.