Kiko El Crazy Channels Elvis Presley In His Retro ‘Cuca’ Video

Viva the Dominican Republic! Rising Dominican star Kiko El Crazy is channeling Elvis Presley in his Las Vegas era. On Wednesday (December 21), he released the retro video for his new single “Cuca.”

Just in the time for holidays, Kiko El Crazy released his new single “Cuca.” Backed by a quirky dembow beat, he sings about getting the party started Dominican style. Kiko El Crazy adds that his aim is to get asses moving and he is sure to succeed with this playful club banger.

In the “Cuca” video, Kiko El Crazy sings the song in front of his name in lights. The throwback setup is similar to when Presley used to perform with his first name in lights while in Las Vegas. Kiko El Crazy even dons a spiffy suit like the King of Rock ‘N Roll once did.

Like Tokischa, Kiko El Crazy is helping push dembow music from the Dominican Republic into the mainstream. In March, he released his debut album Llegó El Domi. The Black Eyed Peas’ embraced dembow with Kiko El Crazy in their duet “Latina.” Kiko El Crazy teamed up with dembow icon El Alfa for “Busca Un Culo.” Reggaeton stars Arcángel and Ñengo Flow also got in on the emerging genre on Kiko El Crazy’s LP.

“When I’m on the stage, I’m making art,” Kiko El Crazy wrote in an Instagram post. “I’m not a man nor a woman. I’m just an artist.”