Kim Petras Is Ready For A Spooky Halloween With Her New Project ‘Turn Off The Light’

On this day last year, Kim Petras released Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1, an EP of songs inspired by Halloween. Fans were expected Volume 2 to drop this year, but instead, Petras hit them with a surprise, writing on Twitter, “i have a surprise for u about turn of the light…. i know u were expecting vol 2 but I’m giving u the whole damn story.” Instead of just the second part of the series, Petras has unveiled the entirety of her Turn Off The Light project, and the whole thing is out now.

The 17-track effort features the eight songs from the original release — “Omen,” “Close Your Eyes,” “TRANSylvania,” “Turn Off The Light,” “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare,” “I Don’t Wanna Die…,” “In The Next Life,” and “Boo! B*tch!” — as well as some new ones. Petras previously described the character she plays on the release as “kind of a killer,” and continued, “I have my moments on this with remorse and feeling like, ‘What have I done?’ The character for this one was definitely just evil Kim. It’s just evil Kim attacking me and I can’t stop her from coming through.”

Listen to Turn Off The Light below.

Turn Off The Light is out now via BunHead. Get it here.