Kim Petras Has A Warning For Westboro Baptist Church Members Who Plan To Picket Her Show

German pop star Kim Petras is currently on tour supporting her record Clarity, and her tour large-scale promotion has caught the eye of the infamously anti-LGBTQ organization, the Westboro Baptist Church. The transgender pop singer took over four large billboards in Topeka, Kansas, the church’s hometown. Westboro is notorious for its hateful protests, and the billboards inspired its members to plan a picket outside Petras’ Kansas City show Sunday. But Petras isn’t letting them off easy. After the church released a statement about the picket, she responded with an amusing warning.

Westboro issued a statement calling upon its members to show up at Kansas City’s Truman theater in order to protest Petras’ show. The statement consistently misgenders her and calls her a “sad soul.” But Petras had a response for them.

In a video posted to her Twitter page, Petras gives a comedic warning to the church. “this is my official statement on wbc picketing my show in kansas tomorrow,” she wrote. “this is the energy i’m bringing n it should be yours too.” The video is a compilation of Petras performing on stage, in music videos, and meeting fans. The visual is set to the Famous Dex track “Hoes Mad.”

Petras is clearly unbothered by the church’s actions. Responding to a report about the Topeka billboards, the singer was full of glee. “wtfff this is fkn amazing,” she wrote.

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