King Princess Offers A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Her Early Career In Her Live ‘Homegirl’ Video

Today, King Princess is a rising star in pop, whose 2019 included her esteemed 2019 album Cheap Queen, a Mark Ronson collaboration, and a performance on Saturday Night Live. It wasn’t very long ago, though, that Mikaela Straus was much more of an unknown. he revisits that era in her new live video for “Homegirl,” which features footage from early on in her career, at her first handful of live shows in New York and Los Angeles.

Straus previously said of the song, “It was very much so a reactionary song to… I was not worth being in public with, which is, again, like, kind of like ‘1950’ — this feeling of being gay. And the way that the world perceives queer love in public can be brutal. Like, men can be really nasty and disrespectful. It’s sad, but there is kind of a moment of empowerment within it where I realize and recognize that regardless of how I’m going to be treated in public with you by men, I’m not going to act that way towards you. And I think that’s a really — that was the strength of that song — is figuring that out.”

Watch the “Homegirl” video above, and read our review of Cheap Queen here.

Cheap Queen is out now via Zelig/Columbia Records. Get it here.