Thieves Reportedly Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker And Stole The Singer’s Dogs

When shelter-in-place orders were first put into effect in the US at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Lady Gaga declared that she was avoiding large groups and people older than 65 years old, instead opting to stay at home with her three French bulldogs. Tragically, it appears that isn’t possible for Gaga right now: TMZ reports that last night, thieves shot Gaga’s dog walker and managed to steal two of the dogs, named Koji and Gustav.

Gaga’s dog walker was reportedly out with the dogs just before 10 p.m. in Los Angeles yesterday when at least one gunman shot him and made off with two of the three dogs that were being walked together. The dog walker was taken to the hospital and is expected to fully recover. Law enforcement sources indicated that since French bulldogs are an expensive and in-demand breed, it’s possible that the thieves were not specifically targeting the dogs because they belonged to Gaga.

Whatever the case may be, Gaga, who has been working on a movie in Rome, is reportedly “extremely upset” and is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of her pets, “no questions asked.” An email address,, has apparently been set up for this purpose. Gaga has yet to publicly address the situation.