Lauren Spencer-Smith, Gayle, And Em Beihold Break Love’s ‘Fantasy’ On Their New Collaborative Single

Three rising stars, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Gayle, and Em Beihold, linked up for a studded new collab, “Fantasy.”

Spencer-Smith takes the lead on the pop track, showing off her vocals as she details the rollercoaster of a toxic relationship. Thankfully, she’s got her girls to back her up, as the other two vocalists have been through similar situations.

“Ditched all of our friends to hang out / We would play pretend like we’re already famous / You had all the charm, I was young and stupid / Thought that it was normal getting treated like sh*t,” Spencer-Smith sets the bar in the opening lines.

Then, Gayle jumps in at the second verse to add, “I’m tryna figure out what’s the real truth / Did you really change or do you just want to?”

Beihold joins Spencer-Smith toward the end of “Fantasy,” with the two of them tackling the parts together. “Funny how a fantasy can end up as a tragedy / All you ever had to be was someone who was nice to me,” they sing.

As these artists have all become significant presences on the music scene through TikTok, it feels like a unification that was bound to happen.

Check out Gayle, Em Beihold, and Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Fantasy” above.

Gayle is a Warner Music artist. .