Lorde Says She ‘Definitely’ Would Have Had Sex With Pablo Picasso

Many people have celebrity crushes, or could at least come up with one without too much thought when asked. That’s true of celebrities, too, including Lorde. One of hers isn’t an obvious heartthrob pick, though, as she revealed that she “definitely” would have had sex with legendary artist Pablo Picasso.

Lorde and Cazzie David recently had a conversation for Interview, in which they discussed their friendship and various other topics. At one point, the chat drifted towards art and Picasso. David asked Lorde if she would have had sex with the artist, and Lorde responded, “Yeah, definitely.” David pressed her for more, and she continued, “He was tiny but had an epic potbelly. That’s my whole vibe. I’d be down. He was kind of freaky.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Lorde showed her appreciation for the government of her native New Zealand, saying, “I feel like our government is more proactive about acknowledging that we are living in a rapidly changing climate and legislation has to reflect that. People care in New Zealand. You can’t not when you live there. It’s in every part of who we are and how we live. It’s the only thing that matters. There’s nothing less cool than not caring about the environment in New Zealand, which I love. […] We had a solid 100 days without COVID. It was a good run.”

Read the full chat here.