Mariah Carey Does Not Approve Of This Botched Christmas Ornament Of Her

The holiday season is upon us which means people are putting up lights, wrapping presents, and getting into a more festive spirit. For some fans of Mariah Carey, this season also means celebrating the Queen of Christmas. One fan tried to do this by placing an ornament of the singer on their tree, but it was so deformed that Carey herself had to chime — and she did not approve.

Taking to Twitter to share a photo of the ornament, the fan said the “festive” decor item was a gift from his husband. The ornament is clearly meant to reflect Carey seated in the style of her iconic Merry Christmas LP’s cover art, but the manufacturer wildly failed to faithfully render the singer’s face. Or simply couldn’t because it’s not a licensed ornament.

The ornament was so bad that Carey herself had to offer her opinion about it. Replying to the tweet, the singer wrote that the ornament is “not approved,” but reassured the fan that it’s the thought that counts.

After Carey responded, a handful of other fans came forward to share that they also own one of the not-so accurate ornaments — and some look worse than others.

While Carey was shocked about the ornament, the person who originally posted the tweet was even more surprised that the singer even responded.

Check out a photos of the ornament above.