Mickey Guyton Will Sing The National Anthem At Super Bowl LVI

Even if you don’t follow country music super closely, odds are you’ve already heard of Mickey Guyton. The rising country star is part of a movement within the genre that is demanding the whitewashing in country must stop — and that artists like Morgan Wallen, who was caught on tape saying the “N word” and still saw a surge in sales and popularity — not be the only ones representing their genre.

Guyton’s debut album, Remember Her Name, was released in September last year, and she’s already preceded that with a couple of EPs and impactful singles that made waves, like “Black Like Me,” one of her earliest breakout hits “Better Than You Left Me,” and my personal favorite, “Rosé.” With the release of “Black Like Me,” Guyton became the first Black woman to ever be nominated by the Grammys for the Best Country Solo Performance category, and has been making waves in so many ways since.

One honor that Guyton is kicking off 2022 with is the opportunity to sing the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. The Bengals will be facing off against the Rams, and Guyton will be there to help open up the biggest game of the year. “Look at God. I am shook, I am grateful, I am praise dancing…” she wrote on Twitter with the news. “So excited to be singing the national anthem at #SBLVI on February 13th!” Tune in to get a taste of her stunning vocals this Sunday at Super Bowl LVI.