Olivia Rodrigo Has A Framed Cardi B Tweet As The Only Wall Art In Her Bedroom

After having her breakout moment arrive during a global pandemic, Olivia Rodrigo was first taken aback by her fame. Help eventually arrived when she got some sage advice in the form of a tweet from a fellow star: Cardi B. Rodrigo appreciated Cardi’s words so much that she turned it into wall art.

Rodrigo recently sat down with GQ for a lengthy profile where she discussed her abrupt rise to fame. The profile mentioned how Cardi’s tweet sits in a white frame and is the only thing on her new apartment’s bedroom wall. Rodrigo noted she was overjoyed when she saw Cardi’s kind words.

“I honestly bawled,” she said. “I literally saw it and cried. I was like, ‘Thanks, Cardi. I’m not going to listen to bullsh*t.”

Rodrigo said she enjoys her new apartment, but moving out of her parent’s home was definitely a bit of a learning curve, saying, “I love living alone. I also just don’t know how to take care of myself, though. I don’t know what to buy from the grocery store or how to clean up after myself, I realized. It’s been a learning experience.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rodrigo said she specifically asked her Sour producer Daniel Nigro to not watch her Disney+ series when they were working on the project. “I’ve always just wanted to be taken seriously as a singer-songwriter — not that being an actor takes away from that at all,” she said. “I wanted him to know me for me and not the side character that I was playing. I also just get really self-conscious about stuff like that, on a human level. I hate it when my friends listen to my songs or watch anything related.”

Read the full GQ profile here.

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