Olivia Rodrigo Fans Are Livid After Many Were Unable To Buy Tour Tickets Due To Ticketmaster Issues

Olivia Rodrigo became a global superstar in 2021, so naturally, her upcoming 2022 tour has been hotly anticipated. She announced the run of dates a few days ago, and when tickets went on sale today, many fans were left frustrated when they were unable to get any.

After the tickets went on sale, many fans were met with messages about “technical difficulties,” as Business Insider notes, presumably due to overwhelming demand. Indeed, some venues on Rodrigo’s schedule may seem small relative to her level of fame and the level of anticipation for the tour. For example, New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre both have a capacity of around 6,000 people. Furthermore, fans were further angered when they saw that resellers were quickly trying to flip Rodrigo tickets for thousands of dollars.

Naturally, fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, so much so that Rodrigo has been a trending topic on Twitter for a good portion of the day.


Meanwhile, Rodrigo recently spoke about how inspired she was by a Lorde concert she went to, saying, “I remember going and seeing Lorde’s Melodrama [tour] at the Staples Center, with two of my friends that I’ve grown up with since I was in elementary school, and just balling my eyes out at the experience that she created. She cultivated this whole experience and you could just feel it in your body. The visuals and the sounds and the everything just heightened the album so much for me, and I remember walking out of the Staples Center and being like, ‘I wanna like cultivate an experience for someone like that.’ That’s just like the highest form of art to me, a concert.”

Check out some more reactions to ticket troubles below.