Olivia Rodrigo Gets Touring Advice From Phoebe Bridgers As The Two Talk On Instagram Live

Over the weekend, Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers’ double-bill performance at Austin City Limits debuted. Ahead of that, the pair got together over Instagram Live to promote the show with a fun, free-wheeling conversation. During their chat, Rodrigo, who just today announced her 2022 tour dates, got some sage touring advice from Bridgers.

Rodrigo asked Bridgers for some words of wisdom about touring since she hadn’t done it before and Bridgers responded:

“I’m so excited for you, because… getting to travel and stuff is great, but getting to travel because of [music] makes everything more fun. If you go on vacation and you get kind of depressed or whatever, it’s so much worse. If you’re depressed on tour, you’re surrounded by people, you get to be with all your friends and it’s like work. So then the magical moments are so much better and the sad moments are weirdly so much better. I have such a great friend group of people who are like, ‘I know it’s hard to miss your dog.’ My advice is FaceTime your pets, call your mom… it’s OK if there are times that feel a little bit harder, but mostly, it’s the best thing ever.”

They also talked about their tour riders, performing on Saturday Night Live, and more over the course of the 20-minute conversation, so check out the full chat below.