Olivia Rodrigo Gets A Parking Ticket And Learns ‘This Driving Sh*t Isn’t All Fun And Games’

Now that Olivia Rodrigo has become a breakout star thanks to her hit single “Drivers License,” cars and driving will likely be a bigger deal in her life than it is in that of most other people. So, Rodrigo’s latest life update might not be news for most other celebrities, but given the context, it’s notable: She got a parking ticket.

Rodrigo took to her Instagram Story yesterday to share a photo of a parking violation she received from the city of Los Angeles. She had jokes, writing, “damn this driving sh*t isnt all fun and games.”


This isn’t Rodrigo’s first vehicle-related difficulty, as it took her quite some time to get her drivers license. In an interview from a month ago, she revealed that it took her four tries to get her driver’s license. Her first two driving tests were thwarted by scheduling conflicts and she said of her third go, “I go to honk my horn and the horn doesn’t work on my mom’s car and she had no idea that the horn didn’t work on her car, because she never uses her horn because she’s like the calmest person in the world. And so [the test administrator] was like, ‘Oh, your car is legally unsafe, I can’t take you out to take the test, go home.’ I didn’t even get to drive out of the DMV, I was so upset. I literally like cried in the DMV parking lot. But the fourth time, I got it, I got my driver’s license.”