It Took Olivia Rodrigo Four Tries To Get Her Driver’s License

Driving has become a major part of Olivia Rodrigo’s fledging legacy due to, of course, her song “Drivers License.” When it came to her getting her actual driver’s license, though, it turns out it took her a while to make it happen.

Speaking in a recent interview with PopCrush Nights hosts Kayla Thomas and Nicole Murray on 94.5 PST, Rodrigo was asked if she passed her driver’s test on her first try, to which she responded, “OK, so it’s sort of a long story: Technically not, but it wasn’t because of any of my errors… well, maybe.”

Rodrigo continued:

“Essentially, the time I got my driver’s license, it was my fourth try, which is really sad. So the first appointment I got, I had to cancel it because of COVID. The second appointment I got, I had to cancel it because of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which is this show that I’m on and I was filming and I couldn’t make it. The third one, I finally get there and I fly out from Utah to LA just to take the test because I had to take it in California. I’m sitting in the car and the guy comes by and he’s checking […] my lights and stuff like that, and he’s like, ‘OK, honk your horn now.’

I go to honk my horn and the horn doesn’t work on my mom’s car and she had no idea that the horn didn’t work on her car because she never uses her horn because she’s like the calmest person in the world. And so he was like, ‘Oh, your car is legally unsafe, I can’t take you out to take the test, go home.’ I didn’t even get to drive out of the DMV, I was so upset. I literally like cried in the DMV parking lot. But the fourth time I got it, I got my driver’s license.”

Check out the full interview here.