Quinnie’s ‘Shape’ Is The ‘Flounder’ Bonus Track You Didn’t Know You Needed But Will Surely Appreciate

Quinnie is one of indie’s rising stars. While all eyes are on legends within the genre, such as Foo Fighters and Stevie Nicks, due to their big comeback. This newbie should certainly be on lovers of rock’s radars.

Quinnie is slated to drop a deluxe version of the project to celebrate the warm reception of the singer’s debut album Flounder. While “Fade” was the first sampling of what’s to come, “Shape” is undoubtedly the most striking. As a bare-bone track, “Shape” displays Quinnie’s delicate vocals and piercing songwriting abilities. Produced by Jake Weinberg, the song is an emotional recounting of healing from a past intimate encounter.

The second verse stanza, “Now my love carries the task / Of handling the aftermath / Can you smooth the looping lines / Of fingerprints before your time / Patience with the jagged grooves / Of relics that I cannot rеmove / One thing, washing up to you / Kiss me till thе cells are moved,” propels the progress Quinnie made to the forefront.

In an Instagram post, when discussing the deluxe album, Quinnie penned, “My hope is that the songs released on the deluxe version paint a more comprehensive picture of the period of my life that Flounder encompassed.”

Listen to the full track above.

Flounder is out now via Columbia Records. Find more information here.