Watch Taylor Swift Perform The New Ten-Minute Version Of ‘All Too Well’ On ‘SNL’

It’s almost hard to know where to start with Red (Taylor’s Version), as fans have been flocking to the new iteration of the album. This new version already broke two Spotify records in a single day, and the reaction to her new, ten-minute version of “All Too Well”along with accompanying short film — has been nothing short of astonishing. Red is long regarded to be the pinnacle of Taylor’s discography (and her only true breakup album), fans have loved watching her embrace the album the way they always have, including her attention to what amounts to the best song in her catalogue.

So when she hinted that she was going to be performing the full ten-minute iteration of the song for her Saturday Night Live appearance in support of the album, everyone went a little crazy. And true to her (hinted) word as always, that’s exactly what Taylor did for her first performance of the night. Because the song was ten minutes long, which, as she herself noted, is really the length of three songs, does that means this is the only song we’ll get from Taylor on the show tonight? I have a feeling it won’t be, but we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the live performance of the track above, with the film playing and a full winter and fall backdrop, and keep in mind, this song might also be the proudest moment of Swiftie collaborator Jack Antonoff. Awwww.