‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Had A Taylor Swift-Themed Category And Kyra Sedgwick Clearly Has Much To Learn

There was a new episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! last night (December 6). Given that Taylor Swift had a massive 2023 that she just capped off by being named the 2023 Time Person Of The Year, they decided to embrace the moment with a whole Swift-themed category. That proved to be bad news for Kyra Sedgwick, who, based on her responses, does not appear to be a Swiftie.

The category was “Also A Taylor Swift Song,” and while the prompts weren’t about Swift directly, the correct responses shared titles with Swift tracks. Sedgwick buzzed in three times, and her first attempt was about a low-spin washing machine cycle. Her guess was “gentle,” but the correct response was “delicate.”

Her next try asked for the word preceding “craft” and “sweeper” in the titles of popular video games. The correct response was “mine,” and Sedgwick got close with her incorrect buzz-in with “mined.” Almost!

On her third and final attempt in the category, the prompt was about what a sign seen while entering New York City says. Sedgwick guessed “where have you been,” while the correct response was “welcome to New York.”

Sedgwick’s husband Kevin Bacon, meanwhile, likely would have done a better job in the category, as he recently said Swift is his dream collaborator.

Check out the Celebrity Jeopardy! clips above.