Taylor Swift Stood Up And Clapped For Harry Styles’ Grammy Win And Fans Are Freaking Out

On her album Folklore, Taylor Swift does a lot of reminiscing, whether it’s in character or in her own voice. On one particularly lovestruck (perfect) song, “Invisible String,” she notes how much her own behavior has changed since falling in love with her now-partner, Joe Alwyn: “Cold was the steel of my axe to grind / For the boys who broke my heart / Now I send their babies presents.” Well, however short-lived the romance between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles was (1989 standout “Style” is reportedly about him), there seems to be zero, ahem, bad blood between the pair anymore.

At tonight’s Grammys, Taylor wasn’t just fake-smile happy for Harry when his cult favorite Fine Line track “Watermelon Sugar” picked up the award for Best Pop Solo Pop Performance. No, she stood all the way up and gave a standing ovation for his win and was nodding her head in approval! Even though he was besting her own track, “Cardigan,” in the category. Well that is definitely a different Taylor. Isn’t maturity a wonderful thing to possess? Or perhaps true love is what does the trick.

Either way, when fans noticed the interaction they had a wide variety of thoughts on the matter. Check out some of the best reactions below, and remember, odds are Taylor simply knew that Folklore was going to win Album Of The Year, so what did a smaller genre-specific category matter anyway? Mostly though, fans are thrilled to see this friendship has reached such a positive place. Can we get a collab now? Fine Line remixes?