Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Stage Dive Has Become A Mystery Over What She’s Landing On

Taylor Swift has been through a couple cities on her massive Eras Tour already — and there’s a lot of moments that have become a mainstay in the (over) three-hour concert. One of which is Swift’s stage dive that takes place just after her surprise song section, which finds her playing two selections that aren’t already on the traditional setlist. Once it’s over, she wanders the stage, taking in the crowd, before abruptly diving down into a gap that opens in the floor.

The first night Swift played in Arizona, many fans were perplexed by the sudden movement. And even more so as it makes it look like she’s swimming underwater back to the standard stage from the catwalk. (She’s not.)

So, how does she do it? Some fans have wondered if she lands in an inflatable mat or slide, as any sort of dive to a backstage area would easily need something to safely protect her landing. Others have tried shooting videos from different angles just as attempts to see what’s under there.

In one video, the space where Swift dives can be seen shifting from red (as in stop, not Taylor’s Version) to green, signaling that it’s safe for her to land. There is also some sort of striped inflatable being moved around down there, although it’s still unclear whether that is a slide or just a mat.

Continue scrolling for some fan reactions and videos of Taylor Swift’s aquatic-themed antics.