Ahead Of Making His Coachella Debut, Téo Released His New Sultry Single ‘A Mi Cama’

¿Téo? is one of the Latin acts that will be performing at Coachella in April. Ahead of making his debut at the music festival, the Colombian-American singer released his new single “A Mi Cama” on Friday (January 27).

¿Téo? was born Mateo Arias. He is the brother of former Hannah Montana star and photographer Moises Arias. In the past few years, ¿Téo? has established his own career as an artist with his genre-bending songs like “Uno Dos” featuring Jaden Smith and “Buzzed.” He seamlessly blends music influences from his bicultural upbringing. “A Mi Cama” is the latest taste of his music.

“‘A Mi Cama’ is one of my favorite songs I made while I was in Medellín, Colombia visiting my family,” ¿Téo? said in statement. “I got in with producer, now turned friend Golden, where we worked on songs for the new record. The song is inspired by a night out with a girl while in Medellín.”

In “A Mi Cama,” ¿Téo? combines elements of hip-hop elements with reggaeton music. His soulful voice glides across the haunting love song. ¿Téo? sings about the romance and beauty of lovemaking. “A Mi Cama” is alluring romp that highlight’s the sensual swagger behind ¿Téo?.

On February 11, ¿Téo? will return to Medellín to perform at the Solar Festival with acts like Sean Paul, Bomba Estéreo, Black Coffee and Tokimonsta. His 18-city Sol & Luna Tour in the US will kick off on February 22. The tour will wrap in April with ¿Téo? performing at both weekends of Coachella.