A 103-Year-Old Sprinter Challenged Usain Bolt To A One-On-One Race

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Miyazaki Hidekichi


Usain Bolt may have finally met his greatest challenge in Hidekichi Miyazaki. The 103-year-old sprinter know as the “Golden Bolt” has challenged him to a one-on-one race. Miyazaki currently holds the record in his age group with a 29.83 100m sprint.

Miyazaki is chock-full of wisdom and has some advice for Usain Bolt.

“I’m keeping the dream alive. I try to stay in top shape and stay disciplined and healthy. That’s important for everyone — even Usain Bolt.”

“My body is small so I take care of what I eat,” said Miyazaki, who stands just 1.53 metres (five feet) tall and weighs in at 42 kilograms (92 pounds).
“When I eat, I chew each mouthful 30 times before swallowing,” he added, loosening his Usain Bolt running shoes. “That makes my tummy happy and helps my running. And I eat my tangerine jam every day.”

I actually created this post while eating chicken wings. Really spicy wings to be exact. I’m also doing research for next week’s post in which I eat every single side item from Popeyes. I’m the very opposite of the Golden Bolt. The only thing I bolt for is Taco Bell. And then I bolt to the toilet. If we had a race from office chair to toilet, I could probably do that in five seconds flat. So yeah, I’m pretty fast when it comes to dropping off a deuce…and now you know that.

Challenge accepted Hidekichi Miyazaki!

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