Watch The 25 Best Boxing Knockouts From 2015

Boxing superfans are an impressive bunch; while my knowledge of the sport is limited to the five best guys in key divisions, they’ve got a running list of the top twenty Mexican flyweight fighters in the back of their head and are just itching for a chance to share it with you. You should listen, too; those guys are for real, and their fights are where the action in boxing is happening.

On that note, here’s superfan/video editor extraordinaire Hancho’s view of 2015 and the best knockouts to come out if it. His highlight video delves deep into footage from around the world featuring fighters you’ve never seen to deliver a highlight of unparalleled quality. He even took the time to upscale it all with frame interpolation to 60-frames-per-second! A nice change from watching some pixelated garbage of a TV screen being filmed on a cell phone.

So, sit back, turn the quality settings on your YouTube player to max, and enjoy another excellent Hancho compilation of the 25 best boxing knockouts of 2015. It’s fifteen minutes of combat sports glory you won’t soon forget. And if you dug that, check out his Best Fights of 2015 highlight. Hancho does amazing work.

(Via BJ Penn)