25 Better Portraits For Carmelo Anthony’s New York City Apartment

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The New York Post took its loyal readers on a trip into the home and minds of New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La – *eye roll* – and the most revealing tidbit of information was that they have a giant portrait of Carmelo (above) hanging over their fireplace. And it’s not exactly shocking that a multimillionaire superstar athlete would have a huge portrait of himself in his own home, but if you’ve ever followed the gossip about his wife, you’d probably expect a few more portraits of La La.
But according to Melo’s better half, the interior design duties are actually performed by the primary money-maker himself.

How much input has Carmelo had in the design of your home or did you manage the project yourself?
Believe it or not, he has more input and gets more involved than I do. He was really into working with the decorator, Alicia Darby, who also decorated our home in LA.

Man, if that quote doesn’t open the door for a ton of jokes, then I don’t know anything about comedy anymore. Regardless of the humor of a man possibly cheating on his wife with his decorator, I just can’t get past the arrogance of self-celebration. I guess you could argue that the painting may have been a gift from a famous artist, or maybe La La painted it herself – she didn’t – but chances are Carmelo just paid someone to paint it and he was like, “Yeah, that’s going over my fireplace.”
It doesn’t matter what the actual reason is, because a lot of people are just going to look at this and think, “The ego on this guy.” So I want to help Carmelo with my own interior design skills by offering him some awesome alternative portraits that he can hang instead. Most of these are already in the Louvre and Smithsonian, but I have connections.

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