Watch Two Couples Brawl In The Stands At The 49ers Vs. Cardinals Game

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There’s been a lot of discussion about how dangerous football is for the players on the field, but what about the dangers of being a poor fan stuck in between a quickly escalating situation between two drunk and rowdy couples? A gentleman known only as Emil ended up in just such a conflagration at the San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals game and sent video of the ensuing chaos to Deadspin.

According to Emil, things started getting out of control when the two women started arguing, which led to their boyfriends throwing sloppy haymakers and attempting UFC Fight Night level chokes. The women then got involved and soon the battle royale had spread across several rows of seats and 49ers fans in the immedia area got to momentarily forget their team was getting trounced 33-21 on the field.

Apparently one of the couples was thrown out of the arena following the fight, but the other twosome made a break for it before security arrived and ended up returning unscathed a half hour later to the amused cheers of onlookers. Not to pass judgement, but any couple that knows enough about football stadium brawls to pull off a flawless dip dodge play are probably the ones instigating most of them.

(via Deadspin)

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