The Nevada Athletic Commission Will Vote On Smaller Glove Request For Mayweather Vs. McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may be cutting an extra 2 ounces off their boxing gloves for their big fight on August 26th. Currently, the two are set to fight in 10 oz. gloves as mandated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for matches above 147 pounds. But following a social media message from Floyd Mayweather requesting 8 oz. gloves instead, the two are taking their request to a commission. Mayweather’s past few fights have used 8oz. gloves. McGregor is used to fighting with 4oz. gloves in the UFC.

Originally, many considered Floyd’s demand as either an advertisement for Grant gloves or just a publicity stunt to promote the fight. But NSAC head Bob Bennett opened the door to allow the change to go through.

“Our regulations require 10oz. gloves,” Bennett told Sky Sports. “But I won’t say that there’s no negotiations. The promoters have a legal opportunity to submit a waiver, then appear before our commission to articulate why they think we should make an exception to our regulations.”

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