05.22.07 11 years ago 21 Comments

Something I had yet to realize until today was that the Browns' drafting of Brady Quinn puts Grady Sizemore's title of "Undisputed Sports Hunk of Cleveland" in question.  Sizemore, the Indians centerfielder, has a well-known fan club called Grady's Ladies, but does he dance? 

In an effort to resolve the issue, Cleveland.com has a tale of the tape to determine which pretty "rady" the city prefers.  Which is where things get interesting.  Sizemore seems to be a pretty average guy — he likes steak, his lone hobby is PlayStation 2, and his favorite show is "Sex and the City for Dipshits," also known as "Entourage."  Quinn's a little more… let's be nice and call it "complex." He scores point for saying his favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine, but when you look at some of his other favorites (TV show: "Grey's Anatomy" — nuff said), it's hard not to think he identifies most with the little girls competing in the beauty pageant.

And who can blame him?  Who hasn't felt that lifelong pressure to be prettier than the other girls?  My therapist says it's why I cut myself. 

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