A Brief History Of MMA Legend Bas Rutten Kicking Ass And Being Awesome

bas rutten
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Bas Rutten is a dude you don’t want to piss off, but he’s also a world-class entertainer, appearing in films (Here Comes the Boom), video games, bar fights, and generally just kicking ass in everything he does. The former UFC Heavyweight Champ competed all over the world before a back injury forced him out of the fight game. With the Dutch MMA legend turning 50 this week, here’s a look back on some of Rutten’s most entertaining moments.

The Swedish Bar Fight

It’s a legendary bar fight story that has traveled circles for years. When Rutten visited The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he detailed the infamous Swedish bar fight. Someone then animated it, and the world was a better place.

Bas Punks Brian Urlacher

When you’re a towering football juggernaut, the thought that you can destroy everyone in the room probably crosses your mind every now and then. Hopefully, Bas Rutten isn’t in the same room as you when that happens.

Funaki Slap Frenzy

Masakatsu Funaki — one of the founders of Pancrase — was a dynamic striker and submission artist who made Ken Shamrock tap out. Although he has one victory over Rutten, this contest saw his nose nearly palm-struck to the other side of his face. Seriously, this man almost got slapped to death by Rutten (skip to six minute mark to see the pounding begin).


For Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar wanted to beef up the ability to watch original programming on the TVs you encounter in the game. Bas Rutten’s fictitious The Men’s Room show is chock full of hilarity from Rutten, and it’s truly one of the game’s highlights.

“You Put The Boom Boom Into My Heaaart.”

Bas is also hilarious as a commentator.

Rutten Steals Rampage’s Chicken

Rutten and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, have a good ol’ time during an interview.

Bas Beating People Up

And now, we have highlights of Bas Rutten using his whole body to destroy others.

Best Self-Defense Video Ever

Sure, he’s a multi-time world champion, but this is probably the greatest Bas Rutten video ever. Learn how to stab someone with chair legs, along with several techniques for groin strikes. Side note: Bas said it was because of this video that he’s gotten jobs in Hollywood.