A Different, Better Bowl Game: The Best Of Lingerie Bowl IX

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02.07.12 3 Comments

While most of us spent our Sunday ragging on Darren Rovell and guys who bring crappy beer to Super Bowl parties, people at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas got to witness the most important sports action of the day – Lingerie Bowl IX. For the women of the Philadelphia Passion, this game marked an opportunity to help their league open more doors and minds throughout the country, but it was also a chance to quell the disappointment that was the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles season. Alas, they proved they were no Dream Team either, as they lost to the Los Angeles Temptation 28-6. Ouch.
But kudos to the Temptation, Passion and to Lingerie Football League as a whole, because nine years is incredibly impressive for an upstart league that banks its success on being able to fight back against claims of shameless pandering while reinforcing the foundation of female empowerment. In fact, I am going to take this opportunity to make a solemn vow that I will no longer turn a blind eye to my own Orlando Fantasy, and With Leather will give this league and these special, talented women a greater platform in 2012.
Now I just have to learn how to talk to girls.

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Some guy named Bruce Waynne performed at halftime. I’ve never heard of him, but I will assume he’s still better than Hot Chelle Rae.

At halftime, they apparently encouraged one male fan to try to chase and tackle a female player. What a league!

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