A Greek Cup Match Was Delayed By A Stadium Full Of Fans With Flares And Now We’re Just Playing In Hell

We’ve already covered crazy soccer fans throwing flares at players and trying to burn down a stadium, so here’s the logical followup: a Greek Cup match between PAOK and Olympiacos was delayed for over an hour because of a pre-match bit where a stadium full of crazy soccer fans lit flares. Somebody seriously thought this was a good idea.

The visual is stunning, you have to admit. It’s like they’re about to play a game in Mordor. Helpful Redditors have managed to put the incident into its proper context, explaining what exactly’s going on:

Both teams have just entered the pitch and are lined up for the pre-game picture and shaking of hands with the ref and each other. The fans have lit a lot of fireworks at the side lines to create a hellish atmosphere prior to the game starting. They took it a little too far and the game had to be delayed for a long time because the smoke made it impossible to play.

And clarifying that these teams playing in the Fireworks Factory is not a rarity:

As an Olympiakos fan I can confirm this happens quite a bit, not always to this scale but it does. Football club loyalty is very important and everyone takes it very seriously and the Ultras are very organized this stuff is planned. Sanctions do happen as well if fans get really out of control, the league or uefa can force the teams to play in empty stadiums.

Oh, and this wasn’t the worst thing that happened.

Lot’s of other things happened that day, the tamest of which was raw fish being found dumped on the visiting teams benches

Fire, organized insanity and a bunch of dead animals. Maybe they were playing in Mordor.