A Local Reporter Captured USA’s World Cup Game-Winner During A Live Segment And Instantly Lost His Mind

Field reporter Drew Carney had the enviable task of covering America’s dramatic World Cup opener from a local beer garden for KGW News Channel 8 in Portland, and his segment did not disappoint.

The moment the KGW news anchors threw to Carney couldn’t have been more perfect. Watch as Carney’s live report overlaps perfectly with World Cup debutant John Brooks’ gorgeous game-winning header, leading to an inspired celebration by everyone under the tent — including Carney, who was ready to sensually unzip his jacket and reveal his skin-tight USA apparel. As if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to shimmy (and psychotically fist pump) into our hearts forever.

Here’s the stripping portion of Drew’s celebration, preserved forever and looped endlessly in GIF form, courtesy of Deadspin:

(Via KGW Portland; H/T Deadspin)