It’s Not Playoff Hockey Until There’s A Sucker Punch To The Nuts

Playoff hockey is very physical. Like, typically even more brutal than hockey normally is, which is saying something. Guys can lose teeth and blood and it’s still all par for the course. But, with that being said, punching people in the penis is still illegal and generally frowned upon.

However, that didn’t stop Islanders forward Casey Cizikas from delivering a cheap shot to the groin of Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad during a second period scrum on Friday night. It’s tough to tell exactly where Cizikas’ punch landed, maybe it was a kidney, but it certainly looked like he was going straight for the crown jewels. Regardless, Ekblad didn’t appear to feel great afterwards. Shocker!

While players will pretty much do anything to give their team an advantage during the playoffs, it may not be the best idea to punch opponents in the dick (for a multitude of reasons), especially when there’s a referee standing right next to you. Cizikas got hit with a much-deserved two minutes for his penis pummeling.

The NHL’s famous slogan for the playoffs is “Because It’s The Cup” but it doesn’t say anything about actually having to wear a cup. Maybe they should revise that.