Aaron Rodgers Was Carted To The Locker Room After Suffering A Right Shoulder Injury (UPDATE)

If Aaron Rodgers isn’t the best player in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is certainly on the (very) short list. Because of the position he plays and his immense talent, the Packers can ill afford to be without their centerpiece for very long but, early in the team’s Week 6 game against the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers was forced off the field as a result of what appears to be a shoulder injury.

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr delivered the hit that injured Rodgers and, while he certainly did not lay off the All-Pro quarterback in the way that the NFL would like, FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira deemed the play to be legal because Rodgers was on the move.

Still, some disagree with Pereira’s assessment, wondering how Rodgers getting hit so long after he released the ball could possibly be legal.

Regardless, the hit was bad enough to send Rodgers to the locker room and that is never a good sign.

For now, Rodgers is listed as questionable to return.

The Packers do have quite a bit of talent elsewhere but, in the same breath, this is a very different team with anyone other than Aaron Rodgers under center. He was replaced by former UCLA signal-caller Brett Hundley immediately following the injury and, well, his first pass did not go well.

If Hundley gets hurt, though, things get weird, as he is Green Bay’s only other quarterback on the roster. Should he go down, wide receiver and former college quarterback Randall Cobb is slated as the emergency replacement.

At this point, the entire Green Bay fan base is likely holding its collective breath as Rodgers is being evaluated.

UPDATE: Rodgers is officially out for the rest of the game.

Even worse, the Packers indicated that this could cost Rodgers the rest of the 2017 season.