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Here’s some video of Craig James’ kid getting thrown out of a Texas Tech practice (presumably) in an undated video, with former Tech coach Mike Leach taking bites out of his ass along the way.

I can’t even stand to watch you f!cking stumble around [with a] sh!tty f!cking effort like you f!cking accomplished something.

Oh heavens! Leach swore at one of his players! He wasn’t nice to him! That’s odd, because I thought that Leach was a football coach and not a cruise director, and that letting one idiot skate with half-assery could undermine his authority with the entire team. Whatever, dude. Yuk it up now while you can, because by the time we get a playoff in college football, it’ll be two-handed touch so that we don’t hurt any of these precious snowflakes. Or at least the douchebag coaches’ kids will be exempt from tackling somehow. Parents ruin everything. –Deadspin.

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