11.05.07 10 years ago 30 Comments

Here's the highlight package of Adrian Peterson's 296-yard, record-setting performance yesterday.  This is more the "gape in amazement" sort of video rather than my preferred "laugh at others' misfortune" clip — partly because the video needs more Norv Turner reaction shots, but mostly because what Purple Jesus does on the field isn't being replicated anywhere else in the NFL.  I've watched this video three times now, and I can't get over how he makes people miss in tight spaces and how often DB's take the wrong angle because they misjudge his speed.  I kinda hate him for not being a Seahawk.

Of course, the Vikes are still quarterbacked by Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger.  I bet they wish they could go back and draft Brady Quinn!  That one's gonna come back to haunt 'em for sure.

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