Alabama’s Strength Coach Used A Sledgehammer To Destroy The Team’s 2017 National Runners Up Trophy

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01.04.18 2 Comments

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Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran is very good at his job. This is evident if you watch the Crimson Tide play football and you notice that everyone on their team seems to be bigger, faster, and stronger than everyone else. Cochran gets players into his strength program and turns them into physical specimens.

Cochran is also famous for being very, um, vocal. He has this super powerful and raspy voice and is always turned up to 11, as evidenced by this video from when he appeared on 60 Minutes and, among other things, encouraged his players to vomit up the cereal that they ate for breakfast that morning.

So yes, when you imagine a college football strength coach, you probably imagine someone like Cochran. This goes right down to the fact that he tries to fire his team up at times, as evidenced by a video that surfaced on Thursday of Cochran destroying the Crimson Tide’s 2017 national runners up trophy with a sledgehammer. Do be warned that the video features some NSFW language.

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