An Alabama RB Was Reunited With His Mom And Even Nick Saban Showed Emotion

11.27.16 1 year ago

When senior day happens to be the Iron Bowl, emotions in Alabama are bound to be high. On Saturday, one Crimson Tide walk-on’s emotional reunion with his mother nearly made Nick Saban cry.

Alabama running back Lawrence Erekosima was one of the many seniors honored in a pregame ceremony with their families before the Tide took on Auburn. Before Erekosima could pose with his family for the obligatory photograph his mother, clad in fatigues, raced onto the field to embrace him.

Erekosima’s mother, Jacqueline Page, has served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and was currently stationed in Kuwait. Page wasn’t due back stateside for another year but was able to surprise the running back in an emotional pregame ceremony.

After the game, Saban broke from his usually stoic exterior and appeared emotional over the reunion.

“Lawrence is one of those guys who has done a phenomenal job here,” Saban said. “He’s had some ups and downs, been injured, came back, but for his mother to be able to come today almost made me cry.”

This is the face Nick Saban makes when he admits that sometimes he almost cries.

I doubt it becomes the next Crying Jordan, but it’s good enough for me. Erekosima himself told SEC Country a pretty great line about crying during the ceremony.

“I almost cried,” Erekosima said. “I had to hold it in. I dropped one tear like Denzel (Washington).”

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